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Annoying phrases that won't go away

Hi, Is there any way to turn off certain phrases that just won't bugger off, no matter how many times I get it right? For instance, every time I use "Strengthen" I get "en familj" at least 3 times (I'm not exaggerating - 3 times at least, every time). Personally, I like to do strengthen at least once each day so I get it A LOT!

There are others (like "an author"), but family is the worst one.

Does anyone else get a phrase that won't take a hint and leave the party?


Ps. My girlfriend is also doing Swedish on her account and also has the never ending family check too.

January 11, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Yes. I get "familj" and a couple others over and over and over (and I have a similar problem with Irish) when I use teh Strengthen Skills options instead of refreshing skill by skill. It's annoying because it is taking up time I could use reviewing things I actually need to review.

    Moreover, the Strengthen Skills is suppose to give you the words that have decayed the most, but this doesn't appear to be the case with Swedish and Irish. For example, I have two skills on the tree that have decayed and if I do the Strengthen Skills optins 5-7 times in a row, I may not get a single word from either of those skills needing review, but instead the same sentences and words over and over. Something is definitely messed up here.


    does this have to do with the beta tag on the left side of the screen? I've only been doing swedish, so I don't know if that tag is present sitewide or not.


    This is a known problem with the courses on Duolingo and we hope that they are doing what they can to find a solution.


    I was wondering about the Strengthening Skills as well. They seem to do the same things over and over and not touch all the other things from those lessons, and while I appreciate the really solidifying those particular things (though I could probably do without the osthyvel), I know I´m missing TONS of other valuable things.....


    I keep getting 'a wolf', or 'en varg'. Sometimes though, for a bit of variation I suppose, it adds a 'vargen'. Very annoying.


    I also get 'en familj' every time! What is it with this word? Not in a sentence even, just the three pictures and "translate "a family"".

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