"Vi tycker om deras hästar."

Translation:We like their horses.

January 11, 2015

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I keep hearing 'deras' as 'veras'... Is this normal or is the audio being weird? Because I listen to it over and over, and it always sounds like 'versa'.


It sounds like deras to me. But remember that the Swedish /d/ can be slightly more fronted than the English counterpart.


Ok, I will remember that. Thank you!


If you listen to the first English example here, and then the first Swedish example, you might hear that the Swedish /d/’s are much more dental than the English ones. The /d/ should be pronounced with your tongue in the same position as when you’re producing an [s] sound.

Edit: I should add that this does not go for all Swedish accents, but it goes for Stockholm and the accent of the TTS. Notable accents with the ’English’ non-dental [d] are e.g. Skåne, Gothenburg, Dalarna, Finland and others.


Ok, that makes more sense. I knew it probably was just in the pronunciation or accent of it. But the tip about placing your tongue where was helpful, thanks.


When do we use 'om' in the sentence? Is it a rule or something?


"Like" is always the two words together: tycker om


Hmm i supposed i would sound like 'domeras' I still am confused about de/dom


I believe "de" is pronounced "dom" when it is its own word, but not when it is part of a word.

Like in English, "one" is pronounced "wun" when it's its own word, but not in (for example) "alone" or "phone."


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