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  5. "Jeg har tallerkner."

"Jeg har tallerkner."

Translation:I have plates.

January 11, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Fear me! I have plates!


    Armor plates?


    Why does the e that comes between the k and n get dropped when making the plural of this word? Doesn't seem to fit with any of the rules that I've learned to now...


    Yes, actually it is a "fault" of Duolingo. So here is what I looked up in the Danish diccionary (De Danske Ordbog):

    Official version: Singular, undefined: en tallerken Singular, defined: tallerkenen Plural, undefined: tallerkener Plural, defined: tallerkenerne

    But according to the diccionary, there is an inofficial version which you are also allowed to use. It goes like this: Singular, undefined: en tallerken Singular, defined: tallerknen Plural, undefined: tallerkner Plural, defined: tallerknerne

    As you can see, Duolingo used the inofficial version in this section which is not wrong because you are allowed to use it. But in my opinion you should always use the official version when there is one.

    Sorry if I did any mistakes concerning the English language.


    I don't get 'got.' 'I have got object' as a correct English translation seems redundant and we have not covered the perfect tense if it even exists in Danish.


    What can you do with elephants and plates?


    So 'Jeg' is not capitalized mid-sentence but it is at the beginning of a sentence. Is that correct?


    It is. English is the only language I know which uses a capital letter for the first person (I). It is much more common to capitalise the courtesy forms (English "you" when addressing a stranger): it is done in Spanish (I see you're studying Spanish so you will find Usted (formal you) with capital 'U' but also in Italian and German. None of these languages capitalise the first person.


    Tel_et_nah is how im hearing tallerkner pronounced, is that correct?


    Yup! Or something like 'tahl_air_knuh'


    Why did i get this wrong 3 times because i didn't use the word got...


    I wrote that and the sistems say is wrong and I Have to write I have go plates, I don´t understand why


    you probably misspelled that. That's why.


    How do i know if it's plural or singular and not with the article the?


    i do? oh, yeah, those thingies


    After the ll in tallerknar I'm hearing a Y of all things. Like tall-YAR-knor

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