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"Vad handlar deras projekt egentligen om?"

Translation:What is their project actually about?

January 12, 2015



Can someone explain the use of handlar in swedish?


It means ’to be about’ or ’to deal with’ when you talk about stories, books, movies, lectures etc.

  • Vad handlar hans föreläsning om? (What is his lecture about?)
  • Filmen handlar om en ung pojke. (The movie is about a young boy.)

A related word is handling ’plot, storyline’.


Okay, thanks. So, mainly it is just an article that can be used as "is", but only when referring to dealing with or to be about? Like, does the word om have to be in the sentence for your latter example?


It’s always used with the preposition om, otherwise it means ’to go shopping’ or ’to act’ in certain expressions. :)

  • Vi måste handla mat! (We have to buy food!)
  • Vi måste handla kvickt! (We have to act quickly!)
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