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What happened to my almost 500 days streak?

Despite I have been making lessons everyday in the past week, when I opened DL today my streak was zero. I looked in the daily goal bar and it counts 24 points for thursday, 10 for friday, 11 for saturday and 17 for sunday, but my streak is still zero. How can that happen?

January 12, 2015



Have you set a goal for the coach that you did not meet? I feel your pain!!


I don't know, maybe you live in a different time zone?


Looking at your profile you don't seem to have any progress for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.


Yeah, I just followed you for a second and you had like 11XP for the week. Must be a glitch like many others are experiencing.


Hmm...that's strange. Yeah, maybe you didn't meet your daily goal.


I believe it should be in fact because of the goal. I always use the desktop to make the lessons, but last weekend I used the Android app. On the beginning of the lesson, I was asked to select a daily goal. I had already done it before and even not meeting the goal the streak was kept... this time, it seems the rules have changed.


Thank you all for the answers! =)

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