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  5. "Vilket skärp är ditt?"

"Vilket skärp är ditt?"

Translation:Which belt is yours?

January 12, 2015



This is probably addressed elsewhere, but can someone direct me to a good online resource for Swedish pronunciation? skärp sounds like chwar? Is that correct? Tack! :)


Forvo is great, it has a lot of recordings by native speakers: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/sk%C3%A4rp/


How reliable is it? It gives hwet and sharp as possible pronunciations but not chwar. Am I mishearing or are these all regional variations? Thank you.


The present TTS is wrong here since it cuts off the P at the end. On the page I linked you to, there is one pronunciation for skärp which is very good, and another one for the word skarp which means 'sharp', also very good. If you leave that page and go to the map page, there's another pronunciation for skärp which sound pretty much the same to me, only it has poorer audio quality.


In Russian the word sounds like "харп", "фарп", "хальп", "хвальп" to me. Now, there are two types of phrase pronunciation on Duolingo and they are different.


'харп' 'хуярп') Also planning to invade Sweden?


or it also sounds a bit like hwairp


chwar is so far away from the actual sound.... its more like "hairp"


The plural/singular thing is driving me crazy!!! How do I know which one is it... I don't see any difference.


In this case, you can see it on both vilket, which would be vilka if it were plural, and ditt, which would be dina if it were plural. So Vilka skärp är dina? would be 'Which belts are yours?'. A lot easier to tell the difference in Swedish than in English, if you ask me :P


Can skärp also mean belt as in, the belt for a sport like judo?


No, "bälte" is used for those kinds of belts.


In Swedish, do yours and your both mean "ditt"?


I hear it almost like "fwharp"... or is it like the "k" at the start of "kyckling", a more air-y "hwa" sound?


I just hear air. No letters at all.


You know the word är? Say that and add a p to the end. Now for the airy sound at the front of the word: push sir from the back/top of you mouth. No to the previous person's hwa sound or k in kyckling.


i love duolingo


Do you pronounce ''är'' as ''är'' or ''e'' ?


So "skarp" is pronounced as just an exhalation of breath? Not loving the new robo-voice.


The "sk" combo is an airy sound that comes from the back of your mouth. Maybe try and listening to the pronunciation on something else so you can hear it better. I listened to it on Google translate and that wasn't so bad. Although I couldn't hear the p at the end of the word on Google translate and it's definitely pronounced with the p.


I'm really confused with the structure of swedish questions. This is QSVO right? But usually it's QVSO or am I not understanding something?

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