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  5. "I did not remember it."

"I did not remember it."

Translation:Non lo ricordavo.

July 27, 2013



Why not "non l'ho ricordato"


I agree with the question. It seems a general practive in this skill to translate imperfetto into simple past, which -- up to my understanding -- is not really correct...


In English, "remember" can mean both "have in memory" and "recall/recollect". As far as I know, in Italian, the imperfect of "ricordare" means the former, while the passato prossimo means the latter. Maybe Duolingo is only taking "remember" to mean "have in memory"? Given that this is a lesson on the imperfect, it would make sense to interpret in the imperfect sense and only accept imperfect conjugations.


Okay, probably a dumb question, but why not "Non me la ricordavo"? Could the it not be feminine?


Why would "non lo mi ricordavo" be incorrect? Since both "Non mi ricordavo" and "Non lo ricordavo" are given as correct answers.


I think the right order should be me lo ricordavo


You are right...Non me lo ricordavo...accepted


Doesn't having me/mi change the meaning of the phrase? Wouldn't the translation now become: "I was not remembered"?


Why is it specifically LO rather than LA?


Without context, using the imperfect past in italian doesn't give a very good translation.


Duolingo corrected my wrong answer with "non mi ricordavo". Can somebody explain why that's correct?


It isn't correct, as it doesn't account for the original "it". Duo sometimes gives bad corrections, because it seems that only one error at a time is changed. If you'd said what you tried ...

Ricordare and ricordarsi are a nuisance. They seem to be partly interchangeable, but any rules for when you can and can't use either are not clear to me. However, if you use the intransitive ricordarsi with an object you do have to add a preposition: di [oggetto]. And when your object is a pronoun (here "it" = lo) you have to merge it with di into the particle ne. Hence I just had non me ne ricordavo accepted; boy was I surprised!


"Non me lo ricordavo" also accepted as per September 2019.


why not: Non ne ricordavo?


if you used 'ricordarsi' instead of 'ricordare' you could say "non me ne ricordavo". ridordarsi is reflexive and in English would be equivalent to saying 'to remind oneself of/about something'. "I did not remember the time"="io non mi ricordavo del tempo". you could replace 'del tempo' with 'ne'. the 'of something would be the 'ne' (me ne ricordavo). but you could also say 'me lo ricordavo'. https://www.thoughtco.com/using-ne-in-italian-4074179


Thank you for this clarification!


why not « non ce lo ricordavo ». ?


i got it right but was told i had a typo. Interesting because it was a question where you use their words and fill in the blanks. ???Get on the stick Duoliongo.


"Lo non ricordavo" I don't know why i wrote it this way, but the order shouldn't matter TOO much in Italian. Would this work in speech?


The indirect pronoun (lo) should always come right before the verb -- non lo ricordavo. Sometimes the order is fixed :-)


"The first person pronoun in Italian is "io", not "lo"."



here lo is direct object pronoun (accusative of lui so to speak)


I don't remember who or what i was quoting from so I don't really remember the context of what I wrote. Sorry. :) Thanks for the info though.

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