"Did she pay?"

Translation:Betalade hon?

January 12, 2015

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I´m a bit confused still about the whole betala-bjuda difference. Betalade is clearly "paid", but what about "bjöd" implies paying. Could´t it just as easily be "invited" her?


Think more of bjuda as ’treat’. The normal word for ’to pay’ is betala but if you’re paying for someone else as a nice gesture, you can use bjuda.

  • Du behöver inte betala, jag bjuder! (You don’t have to pay, it’s on me!)


Okay....but then what would it be to invite someone to a party? That's where I'm thinking especially of "bjuda".....


Yes, bjuda also means ’to invite’. This is often constructed with in.

  • Jag bjöd honom på festen. (I invited him to the party.)
  • Ska du bjuda in alla dina vänner? (Are you going to invite all your friends?)

Compare with:

  • Jag bjöd honom på tårta. (I offered him cake.)
  • Jag bjöd honom på lunch. (I treated him/took him out for lunch)
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