"Maj, juni och juli"

Translation:May, June and July

January 12, 2015

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So, I've never noticed this before, but the computer pronounces 'och' like 'oh,' but when said slowly it says something like 'ohk.' which is correct? Kind of a dumb question for this far along but it would help a lot!


It's common to sai just oh but i think ohk is a more official way.


so, do swedes capitalise proper nouns? are proper nouns even a thing in swedish?


We capitalise proper nouns, but unlike English, names of months, days, holidays, languages and nationalities are not considered to be proper nouns, so you write: juli, måndag, julafton, svenska, fransman unlike English that writes: July, Monday, Christmas, Swedish, Frenchman.

You still however capitalise names of people and countries etc.


all these quick responses always amaze me


We’re enthusiastic when it comes to questions!

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