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"D'imríomar iománaíocht sa pháirc agus bhí spraoi againn."

Translation:We played hurling in the park and we had fun.

January 12, 2015



I must have reached some level where they decided to have me listen and figure out what was said. I've done this exercise before but this is my first exposure the audio version. I gave up trying to guess what the verb and subject were.


What I get is "gin gee mar" instead of "gym reo mar" and it plays like that on PC, tablet and phone. I'm aware that some words are pronounced differently in Connamara from what I expect them to sound like, for example "amharc" and "maidine". After accruing more vocabulary, I can better guess what it should be from the context of what follows and that the module is practising the past tense of verbs.


I hear "dim ree mar"


I wonder if there is a different audio file for Plus subscribers than the free version? Many times, I will hear the right thing after I see it spelled but this is not one of those cases.


There is only one set of recordings.


Play a sport is imrí. Play a non sport game or with toys is súgradh


The first word I heard in this sentence sounded more like :D'intiomar",and not as I found out after being wrong was really "D'imríomar"This pronouncing left me confused.

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