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Translating sounds

I recently realised that often when I listen to (in my case) the french sound snippets and write those down in french, I don't stop to think about the translation.

Is it just me, or is that a common problem?

I'm not sure about whether or not it'd be helpful (it might actually be the opposite), but what do you think about an exercise where you (after you've reached a certain level of skill, perhaps) listen to audio and translate it?

July 27, 2013



Maybe, but I find that (for me) not even translating anymore works better, now I understand the french I can think in it without translating so just translate the whole meaning of the sentence instead of all the words.. That way you get a better translation because it will make better sense in english.


I'm not completely sure what you mean, but you might be grasping on to the reason why I wrote that it might "actually be the opposite."

Would you mind elucidating?


I think yes it would be a good idea to have both write down french, and write down english. And I mean that this lesson should be at the stage where you can speak french, and it is like speaking english (You don't have to translate it from any language you just know what it means).

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