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Parallel languages website

Check this out. Side by side stories in many languages:


July 27, 2013



These are great little stories. I read them on my Android. :)


Oh, I love it!! Thanks for sharing :) However, there are a lot of stories appear in multiple languages. So it would be much better if we could set the second language for those stories by ourself too, other than English. For example, combinations like Spanish - Polish, Portuguese - German would be great for me :D

Edit: I easily made it myself by Microsoft Excel. Now, let me enjoy my Spanish - German - Portuguese triple language story =)


I also use this website which provides mainly French-English parallel texts: http://www.bilingualtext.com/all-texts.html You can download the PDF of the texts and listen to some audiobooks. I love the fact that some key words are highlighted in colour, makes it easier to learn :)

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