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  5. "Pigerne spiser ris."

"Pigerne spiser ris."

Translation:The girls are eating rice.

January 12, 2015


[deactivated user]

    can some one please explain the grammar of "the girls"?


    A girl - en pige the girl - pigen girls - piger the girls - pigerne

    In general most nouns get an -er or -r suffix in plural. And in definite plural most get -rne or -erne.

    Some are irregular and change vowels. Like mand -> mænd in danish or woman -> women in English.

    Those that do not get an "r" in plural, often don't get one in definite plural either, thus they just get -ene. E.g "mændene" - the men, "husene" - the houses.


    Are there any clues to what nouns get the 'r' and which don't?


      Hopefully this post (as copied from a grammar book) will help


      Doesn't this also mean 'The girls eat rice?' They both mean the exact same thing, but this translation is wrong.


      How would you say then "The girls eat rice"? vs "The girls are eating rice"

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