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"Där finns alla typer av människor."

Translation:There are all types of people there.

January 12, 2015



Both "Det finns" and "Där finns" are translated as "there is/are". What is the difference?


The short answer is that they aren't: det finns is 'there is/are' but där finns needs to be 'there is/are … there'.

Also see longer and more detailed answer from KiwiDressager! :)


The word there has different meanings in English. One is as a placeholder much like det where you could feasibly replace the word "there" with it or that... eg "there/it/that is/exists a cat on the windowsill". The other is as a position/direction. eg "Over there is/exists a cat on the windowsill."

The word där means "there" in the latter sense of the word. So this sentence doesn't just say: "There are all types of people" but rather "There (as in "in that place"), there are all types of people". We then move the positional "there" to the end of the sentence to make it read clearer in English. Or we could instead say: "There, (comma to clarify we mean "in that place"), exists many types of people," though this is slightly more ambiguous.


(PS I put the word exists into the sentences not because that is in any way idiomatic English but because it helps remind me the meaning of finns... I don't know if other people do this but it seems clearer to me to translate it this way in order to separate it from är/står/ligger etc...)


Would your comment also cover "There are all kinds of people here" without the inclusion of any indicator such as här?


Would that be, "Här finns alla typer av människor"?


Thanks. A most helpful explanation.


Good question, I'm wondering that too.

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This is just a guess, but perhaps 'det finns' is more of a figurative/general 'there is', and 'där finns' a more literal/specific one. So 'det finns' might be like, 'There are many different plants [in the world]', but 'där finns' would be 'There are many different plants [there in my garden]'. Someone please correct me if this is wrong; I'm curious about the answer, as well.


i am confused by this answer. It looks as though it should be "there are all types of people". Where does the second "there" come from?


Check out the comment thread on this sentence. I’m guessing it didn’t load for you this time? Get on desktop/web browser - this question has been covered a few times above :)


Is it just me or does the "av" sound a lot like "om" here?`(in normal speed, slow speed is fine)


Yes, I think the audio sounds more like "om" and not like "av".


It sounds correct to me - I think the issue is rather that the v is almost silent in normal speech when succeeded by a lot of consonants. Hence, "av m" kind of turns into "ahm", which can sound like "om".


There are all types of people there is a bit confusing to me. "There you find all types of people." could be also correct right?


The most direct translation from the Swedish would be "There are..." not "There you find..." Där finns means "there are... there." It's like det finns but with more detail because it adds the "there" to determine the place.


Awesome. Thanks for the explanation.


Thank you for all the answers. The information did not post when I asked the question so I appreciate seeing the thread now.


I was anticipating, "There are all kinds of people! (In this world, understood) Or as we sometimes say, "It takes all kinds!"


There are all kinds of people over there. ?


I'd prefer e.g. där borta for "over there" - it communicates the meaning a bit more clearly. But as a general-gist translation, it's perfectly fine.


Thanks, good to learn a new phrase.


Ther was an extra there at the end of the sentence


No, the Swedish really means that "there are people there", as in "at that place".


the answer should also be.: there are all types of people. like what the frick!


No, the Swedish really means that "there are people there", as in "at that place".


There are people of all types there ......is that not the same ,it is in my English


How would one phrase "There are all types of people" without referring to being in a certain place?


Hi Bob. Det finns alla typer av människor.


Can the subject be omitted in this case? Där is like a local adverb and all types of people is the object. May I omit the det? German has a similar verb (es gibt) and sentence structure ,but in a case like this they would require the subject to be written in the third position iirc.


Yes, there is no det in the default sentence here: där finns alla typer av människor.


Could you omit the "av" in type OF people in the same way you write cup OF tea (kopp te) or kind OF cookie (sorts kaka)?

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