Good books in Irish

I'm looking for some good, clean books in Irish for beginner to intermediate levels. Know of some good ones?

1/12/2015, 9:10:20 PM

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When I started learning Irish, I had a couple of bilingual books, with Irish and English on facing pages. These can be a real help, because you don't have to be looking up every other word in a dictionary. Even better is if you can get hold of an audio copy as well, so that you can listen to the sound of the language while following the text. I used to have 'Íosagán agus scéalta eile' by Padraig Pearse in such a bilingual edition, with an audio version on cassette (it was a long time ago!). I think I got them on holiday in the Donegal gaeltacht one time. Unfortunately, I don't know if they are still in print or where you would get them now.

There are always children's books - not the most exciting to read, but easy enough to follow. You could always find out what is on the school Irish syllabus.

Here are a couple of sites that might help:

1/12/2015, 11:22:49 PM

I recommend the Fionn Mac Chumaill books. Not only are they relatively good reads, but they have a fluent speaker (and the author) reading them. So you can hear the words read, and work on your reading at the same time.

1/12/2015, 11:47:30 PM

This series is great, fun, with relatively simple Irish, illustrations and as galaxyrocker says, also come with very clear recordings. Highly recommended.

Also, books that you can find in Irish and your native language, like The Little Prince (An Prionsa Beag), which is available in a huge number of languages, as are some of the books of Lewis Carroll and more recently C.S. Lewis.

1/13/2015, 1:56:32 AM

Except don't do it with Harry Potter. It's written on a Masters level, and even native speakers have an issue.

1/13/2015, 2:59:26 AM

Wait, are you saying that someone translated a children's book into very difficult Irish?!

1/16/2015, 9:51:50 PM

Yes, that's exactly what happened.

1/16/2015, 10:11:22 PM

Wow, thanks for the warning.

2/17/2015, 6:41:48 PM
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There is a good selection of books aimed at adult learners these days. They are labelled under "úrscéal don fhoghlaimeoir fasta". There is also the open doors series, featuring short stories by famous Irish authors writers like Roddy Doyle and Maeve Binchy, however some of these may not be considered clean.

1/14/2015, 1:42:14 PM
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