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What type of Spanish does Duolingo teach? I'm taking Spanish in school currently and I often find myself "correcting" the teacher. For example, I learned "duerme" means "sleep" but so does "dormir". I told the teacher it was "duerme" and she say that it was a different type of Spanish than the one we are learning. I believe we are learning Spain-Spanish in class. Does anybody know what kind of Spanish Duo is teaching? Responder, por favor!

January 12, 2015


In this case I believe it has nothing to do with differences between Peninsular Spanish and Latin-American Spanish.

"dormir" is the infinitive form of the verb "to sleep" and "duerme" is the same verb conjugated to the third person singular (meaning "she/he/it sleeps"). See also:

@Xanatrix: The creator (Luis von Ahn) is actually from Guatemala, but you are right in that Duolingo's focus is on the US.

Duolingo is teaching Latin-American Spanish, since the creators are rom the US and atin-Ameriican Spanish is more important there. Personally hope that the new spanish courses foreuropean languages will teach european spanish

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