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"Is maith liom rís agus is maith léi pasta."

Translation:I like rice and she likes pasta.

January 12, 2015



In “Is maith lena cat bainne” lena means her in the sense of ‘cat with her’. What’s the difference between lena and léi which also means with her in ‘Siúlann an buachail léi’?


English speakers can't tell the difference between the possessive adjective "her" ("her cat", like "his cat") and the pronoun "her" ("I saw her", like "I saw him").

"I walk with her" - Siúlaim léi
"I walk with him" - Siúlaim leis
"I walk with her cat" - Siúlaim lena cat
"I walk with his cat" - Siúlaim lena chat

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