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"Hoy ustedes van a caminar más que ayer."

Translation:Today you are going to walk more than yesterday.

January 12, 2015



"Today you are all going to walk more than yesterday" wasn't accepted. I think it sounds better than "Today you all are..."


Oct 18, 2015 - The English 'you all' is more associated with the Spanish 2nd person plural, rather than the ustedes 3rd person plural. 'You all' is a lot less formal than ustedes. Duo is inconsistent regarding 'you all'. I've come to just use YOU for usted and ustedes, as well as for tu and vos, and let the verb make the distinction.

I think these usted/es forms come originally from the old custom of lowly ordinary people never being allowed to address aristocrats directly. "Would Her Majesty like to speak to His Majesty?" = usted. "Do their lordships wish to have a drink?" = ustedes. 'You all want to go fishing?' = vos forms, 2nd person plural, for friends and family, or children. Nowadays ustedes is for groups of strangers - "Good morning Kmart Shoppers! Look for the bargain rack on aisle 5!" or "You may now enter the theater for the dinner show."

Just to confuse things further, I am told that the VOS forms are used more in Mexico and points south than they are in Spain.

Maybe that helped. :-)


Gracias, Eloise!


June 20th 2019 - "You are all" - Still not fixed.


"Today you are going to walk more than you did yesterday" is not accepted. Why's that, despite the fact that it is grammatically and syntactically correct, moreso than the actual answer? I don't walk more today than yesterday, because yesterday didn't walk; I walked yesterday. So, it's "walk more than you did yesterday"


English is the only language I know that's so fussy about repeating the verb in a comparative statement.

  • Last week we were feeding the bird more than (we were) yesterday.
  • Last week we were feeding the bird more than they (were) / than them.
  • Last week we were feeding the bird more than (we were feeding?) the cat.

I'm not quite sure how to feel about these sentences. They all seem okay, but not quite satisfying. I guess the verb wants to be restated especially when you're changing the tense because of the timeframe, hm.

  • Last week we were feeding the bird more than (we will) next week.

In any case, you have a point and I'd agree that your answer should be accepted.


Jan 12, 2015 - Shouldn't ustedes be capitalized?


No, it isn't at the start of the sentence, so doesn't need a capital.

[deactivated user]

    Why do you have to say all? If you're talking to a group it's implied.


    You don't have to. Just "you" is fine.


    But Duo didn't accept just "you". It marked it wrong, and put "you all" as the correct answer. Frustrating!


    And you all is not Standard English.


    Today ya'all are going to walk more than yesterday


    "Y'all" would be the correct form. If you already write "ya", you won't need the apostrophe anymore.


    And then ya'all kin bale the hay in the lower forty...


    Given the context it could also be vamos

    Today we are going to walk more than yesterday.


    Why would you change 'you' to 'we'? After all, you are the ones walking and I'm not going to join you!


    Why is "Today they are going to walk more than yesterday" wrong?


    July 3, 2018 - Because the subject is ustedes, the formal plural you, not they.


    In English we tend to say ' you are all' rather than 'you all are ' which sounds very clumsy to a native speaker.


    "You are all" makes far more grammatical sense than "you all are"


    I put, "you lot" i was marked wrong, doh!


    "You are all" and "you all are" can both be used in current everyday English. Remember the word "all" was only included for plural clarification and since it is not obligatory I could have omitted it and would have been marked as correct.


    Oh by the way, how would I be marked if I used the antiquated plural form of "you" i.e. "Ye". I remember when it was accepted in primary school.


    It probably would be marked wrong, since it isn't actively used anymore.


    No, 'ye' was accepted! But not 'you' without 'all'. Silly Duo.


    This whole time "you" has been the only translation offered for ustedes but now that they finally give an option for what they truly mean they won't accept the only option they've been giving us... wow


    Surely 'all' is superfluous?


    You all is a southern US colloquialism. Not standard English


    "You all" can be used in standard English to specify that you're talking to multiple people. "Have you all eaten?"


    Have the prisoners all been shot? You would not say "the prisoners all" would be a plural of "the prisoners", right?


    Not really, but I would say "Have they all been shot?" or "Are we all lost?" The rules are sometimes a bit different for personal pronouns.


    you all is not Standard English.


    Since this is the form of Spanish used in Spain..."you all" directly translates to "vosotoros" whereas "ustedes" is more used with a simple "you" but refering to multiple people.


    I was dinged for writing "you" Duo insisted that the correct answer was "you all". Then I came to the comments, where the correct answer was "you" ! There is a difference between the answer being accepted ("you all") and being mandatory! Some cop-on required, please!


    So the translation at the top of the page says exactly what I put but I got it wrong because I said "Today you are going to walk more than yesterday" instead of "Today you all are going to walk more than yesterday." The heck! Reported it.


    The translation I gave was the same as the one up above and I was marked wrong.

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