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"It is probably him who has it."

Translation:Det er nok ham der har den.

January 12, 2015



Can someone explain the difference between "nok" and "vist"?


isn't nok ~ enough ? This and the unpredictable use of på are slightly annoying..


can be used both for enough and for probably.


How would I rephrase this sentence to use "vist?" "Det er vist ham der har den."


I have the same question. Anyone?


'Det er vist ham der har den'. What's wrong with it?


I would like to ask, why not "Det er vist ham der har den/det"? This question has been here for more than a year now, first asked by Carl497541.


I am asking the same question.


again a wrong hint, here for 'who'. i wrote 'der' but after checking the hint i wrote 'hvem' because that was duo's first and only hint...


Better English is "It is probably he who has it": this sort of formulation is very formal in English, and with such formal phrasing "book grammar" is necessary. Yes, we all say "it's me" and so on; but if you're going to go all formal and say something like "It is I who am looking for you", then you've got to get the book grammar right. Normal spoken English, of course, would be "I'm the one who's looking for you". Likewise, no-one would say "It is probably he who has it" -- one would say, "He's probably the one that has it/that's got it".


I wrote "det er vel ham der har det" and I know that is correct. Duolingo marks it wrong.

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