"Han er min kæreste, jeg er hans kæreste."

Translation:He is my boyfriend, I am his girlfriend.

January 13, 2015

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literally meaning "dearest"


This one is very difficult because "kæreste" can both mean girl or boyfriend. Which could easily be translated as "He is my boyfriend, I am his boyfriend." instead. Even the Danes can be deceived from time to time since the word has two meanings. So if a man or woman says "Jeg har en kæreste" (I've a (???)friend) you're not really sure which one he/she mean. Confusing, I know right?

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I don't think it's confusing, I think it's great and allow gay people to talk about their "dearest" without outing themselves <3


I don't find it more confusing than saying "I met a friend" in English. Just like for friend in English, the gender of the "kæreste" doesn't really matter at this point, only the existence ;-). I mean, if I talk to a nice girl and she says "I have girlfriend", I usually don't reply "Great, do you want a boyfriend, too?"....


I like that there's an option for LGB people


it accepts "he is my boyfriend, I am his boyfriend", duo said gay rights


It didnt for me

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