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"The bird has a light green egg."

Translation:Fuglen har et lysegrønt æg.

January 13, 2015



When do we add the t at the end of the color?


it is depending on the article of the noun. In this sentence for example the noun is æg and æg has the article et. Therefore the color also receives a t. However, if you have a noun with the article en, no t will be added.

There are also exceptions for example imperatives use an additional t regardless of articles (example: sov godt)

or if you have a det in the sentence, you also need to add an additional t (example: det er sødt af dig)


>There are also exceptions for example imperatives use an additional t regardless of articles (example: sov godt)

I think here it's because it's an adverb, but still an important concept to point out. For example, you also add a -t in "Jeg snakker langsomt" (I am speaking slowly)


In another thread , a user said that if you use ET then you use the plural form of gronne aeg but this doesn't seem to follow that rule. Can someone help me understand? Tak!


this is creepy! i got this 4 times in a row, i think its trying to tell me something... maybe THE BIRD HAS A BRIGHT GREEN EGG?


I think that should be "light green" egg.


someone help I legit will never understand all the rules


This page explains it: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/da/Colors/tips-and-notes

I've found that looking at the explanation helps me wrap my mind around it but it's less about remembering the rules and more about referring to the explanations to help you pick up on and remember the patterns.

Keep going, eventually it will "click" and you'll just know the right ways to say it

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