"Sometimes I sleep in the morning."

Translation:Sommetider sover jeg om morgenen.

3 years ago



Nogle gange kan også bruges i stedet for sommetider.

3 years ago


This is not a question but why the verb and the pronoun swap their positions then?

11 months ago

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Is it correct to write "sometimes" as "sommetider"? Can it be written as "somme tider"?

9 months ago

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Why can't I use "i morgen"

8 months ago


i morgen in Danish means tomorrow. So, maybe that is why. But this is just my guess. You probably meant "i morgenen". I wrote the same and did not get it right either.

There seem to be a lot of rules about the usage of prepositions in Danish- for example when to use paa in stead of i or om is a little too fuzzy for a learner, IMHO.

If someone reading this post has a link to some resource that explains the usage of i, paa or om in different conditions, please reply.

7 months ago


Why is formiddagen not acceptable in lieu of morgenen? My understanding is that both mean morning.

3 weeks ago
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