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Noun genders in the course

Hoe do I know/remember the genders of the nouns in the course? I only 'know' (I dunno if I'm correct) because of practice with lenition in the skills for it, but how do I know, for exemple, if Síog (fairy) is feminine or masculine so I can use lenition and eclipsis in it? Will it be taught on the course or I have to use another way to learn it? Thanks :-)

January 13, 2015



They aren’t explicitly taught in the course (other than through context, e.g. an bhean), so you could use the Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla to look up whether sióg is feminine or masculine. Note that some word endings are readily identifiable as feminine or masculine; -óg happens to be one that’s feminine.

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One trick I've brought over from German is this: learn the noun with the specific article! This doesn't work as nicely as German's der/die/das, but it still works pretty well. I've actually been doing this with a memrise course I've been making for myself.


That works in many cases, but it doesn't if the noun can't be lenited. You can still learn it even in those cases if you add an adjective that can be lenited (e.g. maith) instead of the article.


There are some rules-of-thumb for guessing the gender. Some are written up here, but I find the easiest way that it gets into my head is to see the word used so you can see how it mutates (or not) with the definite article, the genitive, etc.

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