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timed practice improvement suggestions

Please, could the time given for each sentence in some way be relative to its length? It is very frustrating when sentences are so long that you have no chance to type them even if you know them. It should not be so hard?

Also, it would be really good (as many have suggested) if one could review the right answers after the practice session.

July 28, 2013


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I wish they would make regular practice more like timed and give you points for correct answers. Timed goes more quickly and gives you a better payoff but there are too many long sentences lately, and regular is less stressful but also less rewarding, slower (for me, anyway) and way more frustrating to fail. Nothing will make you want to punch an owl in the face more than failing a regular practice session on the last question when it's taken you up to five or ten minutes to get there.


My biggest gripe is that you can't even view a discussion on a sentence when you're in timed practice mode. As soon as the time runs out they close it, and the discussion's lost to you. Practically all you can do is subscribe to it and save it for later, which is unsatisfactory.


Honestly, I stopped doing the timed practices entirely and would recommend you do the same. The stress they induce doesn't aid in the learning process at all. There are too many frustrating aspects to them (which have already been mentioned), and frustration leads a deleted account. The untimed practices are just as educational, and when you screw up sometime in untimed, you know it's your fault and that you need to improve, rather than being able to blame the random number generator on Duolingo's servers. I've found I'm actually doing better now that I don't do timed, because I have time to sit and think about grammatical structure, which over time gets drilled into my head.


This has been suggested before - and I believe it is implemented, but I just thought of something better, how about give the length for the time required for the following question? - so if the question is short, but the next one is going to be long, give more time, if the sentence is long, but the next one is going to be short, give less time. Thoughts?


well, that is what I meant, thanks for clarifying.


You said: "Please, could the time given for each sentence in some way be relative to its length?" but what I mean is that it would be relative to the length of the following question. Maybe you mean the same thing as me.. but you phrased it wrong? Anyways, it's a good idea haha


Do you get extra points for practicing with the timer? I don't even bother, just hit the "practice without a timer" button - way less frustrating.


You can get more points if you make it all the way through a timed practice set. You earn one point per question, so you can earn up to 20 points in one go, whereas in untimed, you can only earn 13 if you make no mistakes. Of course, often, you won't make it to the end of the set, especially if the questions it throws at you are long and convoluted.


Also, you get points even if you don't complete it, whereas if you screw up towards the end of untimed practice, you get no points.


well I think the timed practice is fun as long as it is not impossible...


True, I would like it more if it was possible to get enough correct answers to finish. I think my best one was 7 answers. I always feel frustrated because the end always the same, you run out of time, feeling that nothing was really accomplished.

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