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  5. "Níos lú nó níos mó?"

"Níos níos mó?"

Translation:Less or more?

January 13, 2015



"Smaller or larger" should be accepted, I think.


Yes, it should. Report it as an error when opportunity allows.


is this also used for "more or less", or would one use another phrase/ word-order?


focloir.ie offers a number of options for "more or less" - this isn't one of them.

More or less (almost)
geall leis
a bheag nó a mhór
chóir a bheith
nach mór

More or less (appromximately)
geall le
thart ar
isteach is amach le
a bheag nó a mhór


Go raibh maith agat.


How would "less is more" be translated? "Is níos mó é níos lú"? Or "tá níos lú níos mó"?


The simple answer is that it wouldn't be translated into Irish - you'd probably have to find a different way to express the same concept. níos mó can mean "bigger" or "more" - Tá an madra níos mó ná an cat means "the dog is bigger than the cat".

Bhíodh níos mó daoine anseo - "There used to be more people here"
Tá sé i bhfad níos mó - "It is much bigger"

Similiarly, níos lú means "smaller" as well as "less" and "fewer"

Tá an carr seo níos lú - "this car is smaller"
Tá níos lú carranna anseo - "there are fewer cars here"
Tá níos lú agam - "I have less"


Of course now I'm dying to know how one would express the highly idiomatic phrase, "Less is more!"


How lovely a way of putting it.

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