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  5. "Abre a tua mente."

"Abre a tua mente."

Translation:Open your mind.

July 28, 2013



Ok, I'm very confused right now. And would appreciate any help. The portuguese sentence was given to me in the audio form and I put "Abre" first, but then thought...it can't be abre because the sentence is using the "tu" form, so I thought I misheard and instead put "Abri a tua mente", which was obviously wrong. So then I thought, shouldn't the sentence be "Abres a tua mente"?

And then I looked through my book, thinking that perhaps it was the present subjunctive form which sometimes puts an "e" at the end of the verb, but my book ends up telling me that that form is actually "Abra" and even if it was tu, it would be "Abras"! what followed was a series of going through more books and attempts at looking it up on the internet, only to become extremely confused. Help.


See the conjugation for Abrir here [http://tools.verbix.com/webverbix/Portuguese.html?verb=abrir&D1=2&H1=102&portugues.arcaico=1&imageField.x=0&imageField.y=0]

You are looking for the "imperativo" (imperative in English). The imperative mood and its tense refer to commands, instructions, or requests for action.


If it was "imperative" that should be "abre" (because the use of "tua"). "Abra sua mente" is imperative for "você". Duo is mixing them up, the same way natives do!! :S


"Abra" is also the present subjunctive form for tu and você as well right? Now I remember why I nearly threw my books out the window when learning about the tenses and their conjugations...XD


You can also use the english wiktionary page in order to look up conjugation


On the subject of "mente" how would one say Never mind in Portuguese? Eg. Never mind, everything is alright now. I would translate this as "Mente nunca" but is this correct, what is the best way to convey this message in Portuguese?


"Não se preocupe" is an option.

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