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Good Swedish YouTubers?

Anyone know some interesting Swedish YouTubers that only make videos in Swedish? Not gaming or music, maybe vlogs or stuff like that. I like Dutch YouTubers like Theaumes, Disfordazzle, EnzoKnol, and I like Kelly MsVlog too if you know who that is.

I mean, I'm open to suggestions. Just post links to your favorite YouTubers please! If I like them = lingots for you! :D

January 13, 2015



Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time! Probably the thing that got me curious about Swedish in the first place and where I have learned a good bit of vocabulary from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH0n_Ew2YDM

Then there is Spazie if you are a gamer, though I haven't watched a huge bunch of his stuff (yet). And someone who does a lot about Sweden even if he isn't Swedish himself is Big Steve From England.


Yeah, jag älskar de!


Clara Henry is one of my fave youtuber, and her accent is really cool, she's funny and well i love her.


Definitely agree with Clara! She also puts English subtitles in case you are struggling to understand, too.


She has a Gothenburg accent, in case anyone wondered.

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