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"Nós vendemos a bolsa somente em azul."

Translation:We sell the bag only in blue.

July 28, 2013



"We only sell the bag in blue" is probably a more natural way to say this in English.


in Portuguese would be right too. I'm brazilian.


Can you use 'só' rather than somente in this sentence?


Yes, it is also right.


Unica vs somente? When should either be used


único/única is an adjective (that's why you can change it from o->a and add an plural "s")

somente is an adverb. and is always fixed, never any "s" in the end.

i e, when referring to a noun, use único. When referring to anything else, a verb, an adjective etc, use somente. In this text "only" refers to "sell", "we only sell".

Other examples: We only produce bananas = nós somente produzimos bananas. Referring to "produce".

They are only valid today = eles são válidos somente hoje // eles sao validos hoje somente (I dunno which one is better)

I am the only man here = Eu sou o único homem aqui (referring to man)


Many thanks very helpful


Why is not possible to say: "We just sell the bag in blue"? I stuggle with English, not Portuguese... hahaha


i think in this case that "only" refers to the color (only blue, no red nor green) and "just" would be focus in the action of the verb. repeat, it is what i think :)


That is correct English, but "we only sell the bag in blue" would be the most common way to say it.


Have we done somente before? I have no memory of it..


How would one say "we sell the only blue bag (that we have)"


I believe it would be: "Nós vendemos a única bolsa azul (que nós temos)."


Does this sentence means: "we only have blue bags" or "we have many different colors but only the blue ones are sold"?


I think the first, the English sentence is literally: "We sell the bag only in blue." To say it the other way you might use: "Nós vendemos somente a bolsa azul." as this translates to: "We sell only the blue bag."


we sell only blue bags was marked wrong. Why?


"We sell only blue bags" is general (while oddly being quite specific in potentially limiting the merchandise in the entire store to just blue bags).

"We sell the bag in blue only" (or only in blue) is specific to that bag which may be one of many styles they sell (along with dozens of other items such as clothing or office supplies) but, for this specific bag they happen to only have it in blue.

But that bag (purse) might come in a different color at a different store (or online), or it may be a limited edition in different colors which are hard to find (and this shop does not have it).

As usual, context can mean all the difference in the world to understanding why a sentence works or not.


We only sell the blue bag ?

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