"I fail."

Translation:Jag misslyckas.

January 13, 2015

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Is there a difference between "Jag tar fel" and "Jag misslyckas"?


Without referring to something, it sounds somewhat awkward to have "jag tar fel" as a sentence of its own.


Wow, a lot of years on now but hello fellow ace.


Ok, this verb also ends in -as (like träffas) rather than an -r like the other verbs we've learned so far. So there is another class of verbs that end in '-s', yes?


These are deponent verbs, read more here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6094592
There are also passive forms that end in -s.


Any background on the origin of this word misslyckas? It's not so easy to remember


"misslyckas" is the negative equivalent to "lyckas" (which means "to succeed", or, more literally into English, "to be lucky"). "Mis-" is a common particle in English too (think of "mismanage", "mislead" etc). To make it easy, you're missing your luck when you fail :)


What are passive verbs??


There are two voices, active and passive. In active voice, the subject does the main verb's action, and in passive voice, the subject is the recipient of the verb's action.

Compare: Active: The lion eats the deer. - The subject (the lion) does the action (eats) Passive: The deer was eaten by the lion - The subject (the deer) is the recipient (was eaten)

It's usage is often to "hide" the subject of the sentence if it were in active voice. In active "I made a mistake", "I murdered somebody" to passive "A mistake was made [by me]" "Somebody was murdered [by me]" with [by me] not being needed.

In Swedish, passive is more common and its constructions can be read about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_grammar#Passive_voice.

There can be confusion between passive and deponent verbs, as Arnauti mentioned, because one way to create the passive is to add -s to the infinitive:

Active: Tjuven dödar mannan. = The thief kills the man. Passive: Mannen dödas av tjuven. = The man is killed by the thief.

versus a deponent verb like "minns" Active: Jag minns ordet = I remember the word.

Note I'm a native English speaker, not Swedish, so I hope I got that mostly correct.


why does 'svika' not work?


"Svika" can have multiple meanings, but generally "Jag sviker" = "I deceive"


Can this also refer to fail an exam or a test?


"I failed the test/exam" = "Jag misslyckades med provet/tentan" ("tenta" is used for university level exams)


Why is JAG FATTAS wrong? According to my dictionary, MISSLYCKAS and FATTAS both mean "fail".


Hey, this is what I do every day on duolingo!


the fact that I failed this question on the placement test-

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