"Hon vill alltid bestämma."

Translation:She always wants to decide.

January 13, 2015

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For me bestemma has an air of authoritativeness in it, and decide just doesn't seem strong enough. As it sounds to me this girl doesn't just want to make a decision, she wants to be the boss, to make up the rules, etc.

She wants to rule maybe? But that's too strong and sound like she's a dictator and not just a schoolground bully. Does anyone else have a better word in mind?


I agree that the translation isn't all too accurate, but I'm also lacking a proper English word that's definite enough, but not too dictatorial. :/


I know it's not one word, but how about she always wants to be in charge?


To call the shots maybe? Although informal, but sounds like a perfect fit to me


Maybe "She wants to always make the decisions"? "She wants to make all the decisions"? Per DehPuh below, "She always wants to be the boss/in charge?" English just doesn't have one neat little verb for this.


Why is it not reflexive in this case


bestämma=make decisions/~rule, bestämma sig=make up ones mind


I put 'she wants to decide all the time'. Why is this wrong?


"all the time" is hela tiden, but the sentence says alltid which means always. While you understand what's meant, the goal was to use the best/correct swedish word

[deactivated user]

    Also, in English one can say: "She always wants to decide", or "she wants to decide always", or "she wants always to decide". You only accept one possibility. Why?


    I had the same question


    "Vi försöker bestämme oss", so why not "Hon vill alltid bestämme sig"?


    Hon vill alltid bestämma sig?


    Ok so bestämma needs OSS, SIG, or MIG...except here...because?

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