"Io non mangio frutta bensì verdura."

Translation:I do not eat fruit but vegetables.

July 28, 2013

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I agree that this is confusing. We'd never say "I don't eat fruit but vegetables" in English. We'd say something like "I don't eat fruit but I do eat vegetables". The 'do' is optional.


because it really means "but rather"


It's correct though admittedly not very common. I guess you'd find it more in a sentence like 'he did not walk but ran down the corridor'. It really puts the stress on what comes after 'but'.


I think this sentence could also be translated as: I don't eat fruit, but I do eat vegetables. Am I missing something?


no you are not. I have reported. Your translation may not be word for word literal but it seems to me that it is far better than DL's current suggestions (at March 3, 14)


could it be: I eat vegetables rather than fruit?


Yes, of course it could be that. Not sure Duolingo would accept it, though.


The meaning is not clear... Is it like "I do not eat fruits. Instead I eat only vegetables"?


Margerose is right. Also, in English we would put the positive part first and say "I eat vegetables, but not fruit."


That doesn't quite get the meaning of 'but rather' though - it's like the vegetables are instead of the fruit.


Is frutta or verdura ever masculine? What about plural? This sentence has them translated to be plural, but they are in the singular form.


This kind of confused me, too. I actually translated "I don't eat fruit but vegetable", which got accepted. That's sort of a messed up sentence, isn't it?


"I don't eat fruit, but rather vegetables" sounds ridiculous in English.

I wrote "I don't eat fruit, but rather I eat vegetables" because it at least sounds somewhat normal, yet it was still considered incorrect.

However, the most appropriate translation would be something along the lines of "I eat vegetables rather than fruit".


It would be helpful if they used proper punctuation...


Why is "I eat vegetables rather than fruit" wrong??


If "bensì" in this case can mean also "but rather", would "Io on mangio frutta ma piuttosto verdura" be wrong?


I put "I don not eat fruit instead vegetables" although this is not what you would say in English, I thought is was the literal translation but got it wrong. They translate bensi as but rather, which means instead. Is this what bensi means in this situation?


Why not "I don't eat fruit but instead vegetables"


Greens instead of vegetables seems plausible


I would be of the same mind: vegetables is rarely used here and we substitute greens instead.


How about: "I'm not eating fruit, but rather vegetables."

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