"The most famous university."

Translation:An ollscoil is cáiliúla.

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why not "an t-ollscoil" in this case?

3 years ago


@David, scoil is femimine, therefore so is ollscoil. The t- before vowels is only for masculine words.

2 years ago


Is the "is" in this case still the copula? Is it the third meaning here: http://www.teanglann.ie/ga/fgb/is? Is its position before the adjective meaning famous what denotes the MOST famous?

2 years ago


Meaning of is(1) 3.(b), yes. When comparing (more than, the most), the adjective is always used in the "singular genetive feminine".

Using Tá + comparative adverbe (more than): Tá sé níos óige ná í: he is younger than her.

Using the copula to compare (more than): Is óige seisean ná í: He is younger than she is

Using the copula for superlative (the most): Is é an duine is óige : he is the youngest person. Tá sé ar an duine is deise acu: he is the nicest person among them.

2 years ago
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