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  5. "The most famous university."

"The most famous university."

Translation:An ollscoil is cáiliúla.

January 13, 2015



why not "an t-ollscoil" in this case?


@David, scoil is femimine, therefore so is ollscoil. The t- before vowels is only for masculine words.


Is the "is" in this case still the copula? Is it the third meaning here: http://www.teanglann.ie/ga/fgb/is? Is its position before the adjective meaning famous what denotes the MOST famous?


Meaning of is(1) 3.(b), yes. When comparing (more than, the most), the adjective is always used in the "singular genetive feminine".

Using Tá + comparative adverbe (more than): Tá sé níos óige ná í: he is younger than her.

Using the copula to compare (more than): Is óige seisean ná í: He is younger than she is

Using the copula for superlative (the most): Is é an duine is óige : he is the youngest person. Tá sé ar an duine is deise acu: he is the nicest person among them.

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