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What happens now with our translations?

Once an article is 100% translated, what happens? Does a Duolingo link get added to the document (like a Facebook or Twitter link) that says "Translated by Duolingo!"? In other words, what lets the English speakers know that we have now translated that article from Spanish for them?

November 11, 2012



I don't think that what is getting translated right now is actually used or viewable anywhere - they're just using free content from the internet.

The intention is to later sell translations - that's the business model and why you're not paying anything or seeing any ads. i.e. someone pays Duolingo to have something translated by its users.


I don't want credit for the translation. But what I am asking is, suppose an English-speaker comes across a Spanish article that we (Duolingo) have translated. How does that person know, or how does that person see, the English translation?


Dusse - thank you for the reply. That makes sense. Why didn't I think of that business model? ;)


Or the blame. I wouldn't want my name on the current" finished" translations. I think it is still a process in research and development. And mostly outdated articles so I know they are just early in the development.


DonnaMarie - that is true, too! :)


I don't think websites that got translated normally show exactly whó translated it. It isn't of much importance anyways. Personally I wouldn't even want the extra credit.


You probably know that with a number of websites there is an ability to get the page translated to another language (perhaps google does it for all websites). I've noticed that when I've taken the option to translate to English that the translation can be complete gibberish so I would think this is a better way of getting the translation correct,

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