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  5. "Lyseblå og mørkeblå."

"Lyseblå og mørkeblå."

Translation:Light blue and dark blue.

January 13, 2015


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Can mørkeblå also mean navy blue? Or is there a different word for that?

January 23, 2015


We can use "marineblå" which is a specific nuance of "mørkeblå".

February 25, 2015


Aw, "lyse blå og mørke blå" should be allowed as a typo. I wonder why it has to go together in Danish.

January 13, 2015


    You could have "Lys blå og mørk blå" as an accepted answer, though the only guess I can give to it not being counted as a typo is that there are 2 mistakes it recognises

    January 13, 2015


    I feel like "Light and dark blue" should be accepted

    April 4, 2016


    i did the same exact thing

    April 7, 2017


    I feel like I need to learn more colors before jump to color variables

    December 4, 2016


    Could I just ask a question about intonation here, please? In Danish when you have something like this where only one thing is different in each part of the sentence, would a native speaker emphasise what is different in each part of the sentence, ie would he or she stress the "lyse" and the "morke" element of the words (as would happen in English). I just wondered because in this example there is no such emphasis, and rather, the bla sounds like it's (a bit) emphasised each time. (Sorry I can't get the accents on my keyboard.)

    May 4, 2016


    I am danish, and sorry to say, but you should not listen too much to the intonations in this app. This is computer generated and is not exatly how a dane would say it

    September 3, 2017


    When does the t go at the end. For another question the answer was lyseblat

    April 7, 2017


    That depends on what it is that has the colour: A car, en lyseblå bil. A house, Et lyseblåt hus. But also the amount: Several houses, flere lyseblå huse.

    September 3, 2017



    May 1, 2018
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