"La vittima non aveva mai avuto la patente."

Translation:The victim had never had her license.

July 28, 2013

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License is an American spelling. In English it is spelled licence, and should be equally accepted


Both should work, is it possible that the error was something else?


I had exactly the same issue. It marked me wrong and that was the only difference. I've reported it.

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Everything else was ok as far as I could see


The refusal of British English spelling 'Licence' has been going on for ages, and reported left, right and centre. One day we'll get there. I gritted my teeth, went against my entire education and typed 'license' this time as I was on my last heart.


no - it still hit me 13.5.14 for the same thing - am reporting again


I fell for this again 24 july 14 as still not corrected. Duolingo is great but clearly massively overstretched if they cannot review a problem with something so simple.


Actually neither 'the' nor 'her' would be used in English. It is more natural to say she never had a license (that it is the relevant license is implied). Languages are different, this is why literal translations sound so weird.


English is my native language; "had never had her license" sounds fine to me. I can think of instances in which I would use it.


Licence with a "c". It's a noun, not a verb!


'licence' still not accepted - 14 July 2014


I discussed this in an earlier lesson where the possessive form in English was not accepted. Now it says "la patente" and "her license" is accepted. Is there rule about this? Duolingo is inconsistent in such use.


Italians often leave out the possessive when it agrees with the subject; in the case of close family members the definite article can substitute the possessive in the third persons (it can happen in other persons but it's rarer). When translating from Italian it might not always be obvious if there's a missing possessive, but if using a definite article feels out of place you should definitely go for it: "the license" doesn't feel right here.

I admit that duolingo isn't always consistent; provide feedback whenever you find such cases.


Please. can somebody of native English speacker explain what does it mean this sentence? Why victim shoud have license? And license for what? For weapon?

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We say in English ' a victim of circumstance'. The circumstance/s can be an accident, a crime, a misdeed, an illness, etc.

Maybe she crashed the car while driving without a licence and suffered a serious injury. Maybe she had an unlicensed gun and accidently shot herself ..who knows?

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