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"The professor manages to find the book."

Translation:Professorn lyckas hitta boken.

January 13, 2015



Is lyckas considered a modal? Hence no att? How do i identify modals?


Could hinner be a possible solution to manages in this sentence as looking at time perspective?


No, "lyckas" does not have anything to do with time, while "hinna" always has:

Jag lyckades hinna med tåget - I managed to catch the train


Therefore the answer to "The professor manages to find the book" could also be "Professorn hinner hitta boken" as the "manages" could only mean the time?


It could? I did not know that :). Hinner hitta - has time to find (sort of)


how about orkar - professorn orkar att hitta boken


Maybe "professorn orkar leta efter boken" (the professor has the energy to search for the book) is a possible sentence, but since it is "lyckas hitta boken" (succeeds in finding the book) we already know that he had the energy to look for it :).


I think this is a matter of interpreting the given sentence in English. If we have "Even after working the whole day, she still manages to cook dinner for her family", then "manages" carries the idea of having the energy to do something = "orkar". However, "manages to find the keys" means "has success in finding the keys". "orkar leta efter booked", on the other hand, does not signify whether the search will be fruitful and therefore would not do for an alternate translation of our given sentence.


"Professorn lyckas att hittar boken" why is not correct? Why is necessary to add an "med"?


You have to use the infinitive "hitta" without an "r".

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