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Swedish Sentences of the Day

So I dug the following sentences up from the Wikipedia article on Swedish orthography and fed them into Ivona for Astrid to read out.

Det är lättare att stjäla en stjälk än att stjälpa en stjärna med stjärten. I bara skjortan skjuter han skjutsen in i skjulet.

A native or expert learner can correct me here, but apparently they contain irregular spelling combinations involving the enigmatic and pretty sj-sound, but my feeling is that when you can make these sentences roll off of the tongue and sound good, you are getting somewhere with Swedish pronunciation.

What else is challenging people with Swedish pronunciation?

January 13, 2015



Pretty much everything.


Sked. Djur. Djur is literally Satan.

Other than that it's pretty easy? Some things like sköldpaddan are at first surprising but I'm kinda picking up the "weird" pronunciation rules.


Yes, I am finding it is largely systematic even if quite detailed, I suppose. But that is part of its beauty, I think - all the subtleties and sophistications.


Here you have a list of 65 different ways to write the sje-sound. Some of them are too creative I think, but still...

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