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  5. "Summen af mænd."

"Summen af mænd."

Translation:The sum of men.

January 13, 2015



Again, why can't it be the amount of men if 'sum' means both sum and amount?


It is a weird sentence to begin with. I can't think of a context in which this could be used. For "the amount of men" we would say "antallet af men" not "summen".

This would be more like the sum of their courage or whatever, but as I said: The sentence is weird.


I agree with KasperFeld.

It's an equally weird sentence in English - we'd never say "the sum of men". You could say "the sum total", but it should be either "number" or "amount".

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Can't be amount of men since men is countable - would have to be number of men

[deactivated user]

    Men is a count noun, so the 'correct' answer is wrong. Should be 'the number of men'.

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    Amount is only used with things that are not countable - e.g. the amount of gas in the car. Number is used with things that are countable, e.g. the number of gallons of gas in the car.


    I agree with tani17. It follows that the translation "the number of men" should be correct, but DL marked it wrong. "The sum of men" is weird English.


    "The number of men" is still marked wrong 27 June 2018. I have reported it again. I am getting really tired of DL's terrible English.


    One year and 11 months later, DL are still marking "the number of men" wrong. Do they ever read our reports? 28 June 2020


    I agree with you 100%


    Agreed. Especially considering I had a question where 'Summen' translated as 'The amount'


    I agree completely with Kasper and rhhpk. Apart from the sentence being odd and never heard, the best translation into Danish I think would be 'antallet af mænd'. I can only think og one example where you could say 'mængden af mænd': If you watch a big crowd of people you might say: 'Mængden af mænd er større end mængden af kvinder' (the amount of men is bigger than the amount of women). But then you are talking about 'volume' rather than numbers. Never ever say 'summen af mænd', that's a no-go!


    As a native English speaker I cannot think of any time one woild say the "sum of men". It would always be the amount or number of men.


    "amount of men" is not correct - "number of men" is correct


    Does this mean "The sum of men" like "The sum of the work"? As in, "this is what men do/have done", or "This is the result of the work".


    There is no such sentence as the sum of men. It makes no sense


    Note my comment is given in November 2019 which says DL is not concerned with correcting its poor English or accepting alternate correct translations.


    From memory, I think it's part of a quotation - makes more sense as "the sum of mankind is ....". One of those obscure philosophical concepts.


    No native English speaker would ever say this though it would be understood. "The amount of men" or "what is the sum of the men . . . " would be the way to express this idea.


    Duo lingo: what is the point of translating something that makes no sense whatsoever?

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