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  5. "Ela tentou alcançar o trem."

"Ela tentou alcançar o trem."

Translation:She tried to reach the train.

July 28, 2013



she tried to reach the train? I don't think so. She tried to catch the train maybe?


It could be correct. A girl reaching for a toy train on a high shelf for instance. But I agree that "catch" is a more likely translation.


I'm not an expert, but I think if it was "catch the train" the verb you would have to use is "apanhar". In this case, the general meaning does seem to be to reach the train.


After searching "catch a train" on linguee.com I think you're right. I did not see any instance where "catch" was translated with the verb alcançar. It was usually tomar or apanhar.


I still think it would be catch the train, because reach the train is to get there, while catch is closer to this, which is to try to get in the train

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