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"Where do you hide the breadboard in this house?"

Translation:Hvor gemmer I skærebrættet her i huset?

January 13, 2015



her gets me every time


Can someone explain the structure her i huset?


"her i huset" means "here in the house". The breadboard is not in another house but right here where we are.


I understand that. My question is rather: does her i huset = i dette hus? Could you then say her i skolen to say in this school, her i kontoret to say in this office, etc.? Does the structure her i et/en = i denne/dette ?


I see now what you mean. I am not a native speaker of Danish but it seems that your assumption is right. If you do a Google search for "her i huset" (including the quotes) you get many hits. "Her i" seems to be a common expression. As far as I know the words "denne" and "dette" are mainly used in written language, while in spoken language the expressions "den her" and "det her" are used. So "her i" can actually mean "in this", while "der i" can mean "in that". For me as a native German, "her i huset" literally translates to "hier im Haus", which is also very common in German and which is equivalent to "in this house".


Thanks for your reply! I was guessing that was the structure. Seeing as German uses a similar formula, I imagine that's correct.


Couldnt it also be. In the house here?


How do they get T skaerebraet from brod bord??


Is the Danish "skærebræt" different from what it used to be? I don't remember that word from the last time I did this lesson.


why is is it breadboard and not cuttingboard? To me that makes more sence. in dutch it is snijplank: cuttingboard


Why is "gemmer dig" not acceptable?? There is no indication of the number of people in the house.


Gemmer du should be possible but gemmer dig means that the person you are talking to hides herself.

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