"Hundar tycker om att få mat."

Translation:Dogs like to get food.

January 13, 2015

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why is there an 'att' after 'tycker om'


We need it to introduce the fact that what's being liked is a verb.


Is it just me or does it sound like the speach output is faster than normaly?


I thought exactly the same - to me it definitely sounds accelerated


I'm not sure if it's accelerated, but the emphasis is definitely on the wrong words. "HUNDar TYCKer om ATT få MAT." It sounds like "att" is some noun that I ought to know followed by "för mat." Instead, "få" should be stressed.


why is "receive" as a translation for "få" wrong?


It reasonably should be accepted as it is easily understood. I'd include obtain as another possible choice. That said, DL sometimes can be very picky in what it accepts. For instance, "...vid fem" DL only accepts "at five" ant not "by five". In examples that don't present a fixed list of choices, it seems reasonable to accept transactions that get the meaning across. But that's just me.


I tried "Dogs like to be fed", which was not accepted. How would one say that?

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