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  5. "Whose dog is it?"

"Whose dog is it?"

Translation:Vems hund är det?

January 13, 2015



Why is it not "den" instead of "det" given hund is an en word? Thanks!


Det does not refer to the dog here, it’s just a generic subject because the sentence needs a subject. It’s a dummy pronoun much like ”it” in ”it is raining” which does not refer to the actual ”rain”.


This is still a bit confusing for me. If the question was "Who's dog is this?" then wouldn't 'this' refer to the dog?


He means that it doesn't refer to the dog grammatically, but obviously it is understood by the speakers that the dog is the topic of the sentence. :)


Why is it correct to pretty much just translate each word separately? Doesn't the verb need to go in the second position, or is "är" not the verb? Also, why is it "hunden," definite, when translated as "Vems är hunden"?


For questions, the rule is that the verb goes before the subject. If there's a question word or a phrase that functions the same way, that goes first. In this cases vems hund functions the same way as a question word would (compare: Who is it? Vem är det?).

After possessives, we use the indefinite, just like you do in English: 'his dog' hans hund (not "his the dog"), and vems works the same way – 'whose dog' (not "whose the dog") is vems hund. In vems är hunden, the dog is not defined (or 'owned') by vems (you can tell because there's a verb between them) so again it works like in English – you'd say 'whose is the dog' too.


I keep hearing a ''m'' sound between ''hund'' and ''är det'', is it supposed to be that way? If so, then why?


I'm having a bit of a hard time to pick out if it's in there, as the speakers at work are really bad, but it shouldn't be there.


wilken är hund? - Why is not?


vilken means 'which' so it's the wrong word. That would be like saying 'Which is dog?' in English.


If I may ask. Why is "vems hund" a wrong answer?


I'm three years late here but vems hund är det? is the default answer.


is it ever vem instead of vems? did I just make that up?


vem = who
vems = whose


Is it ok if someone explains why sometimes it's "det är? ", and then other times "är det?"



I believe it's "det är" for a statement ("It is"), but "är det" for a question ("Is it?").

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