"En flicka äter bröd."

Translation:A girl is eating bread.

January 13, 2015

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Is there a difference in Swedish between "she eats bread" and "she's eating bread"?


Now i'm thinking why hasn't "en flicka" the possibility to be like "the woman"="kvinnan" and "the man"="mannen".. Does "flickan" and "pojken" exist? If not, why is that?

  • en flicka = a girl
  • flickan = the girl
  • en pojke = a boy
  • pojken = the boy

Flicka goes exactly like kvinna.


I don't know where to go to get those letters with accents on them for an LG cellphone. Any ideas would be appreciated?


You can install a swedish keyboard on your (google) keyboard configurations. I use mine (brazilian portuguese) and works fine too.


You hold down the letter that is under the accent (for example you have ä you would hold down a) you hold it down and look for the letter with accents in this case it's ä. While still holding it down you drag your finger to the one you are looking for and lift up your finger and it should type the letter. (I think it will work for your phone but we probably dont have the same LG phone so it might not) anyway i hope i solved your plroblem and plz excuse my grammer. Have a very nice day.☺

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