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"He likes to hear his own voice."

Translation:Han tycker om att höra sin egen röst.

January 13, 2015



"Han gillar att höra sin egna röst" Why is this wrong?


I wrote some things about egen here.


It's 'egen'. Egna indicates a plural noun and röst is singular.


It’s not that simple, normally you put adjectives in the definite after possessives (which is identical to the plural), so you say for example: ”sin stulna bil” and not ”sin stulen bil”, yet you say ”sin egen” because this is an exception to the rule. Nevertheless, many people say ”sin egna” colloquially. Read more about it here.


Good to know! Is it simply because it sounds better or does it serve an actual purpose?


You mean why people say sin egna in speech? It’s probably since all other adjectives are declined that way, then you want analogy when you speak. Irregularities often tend to be flattened out over time.


Not quite sure what I meant tbh! Hadn't had my coffee yet ;-) Thanks for the explanation either way!


Could "hans egen" work here in place of "sin egen"?

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