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I cannot find my level points anywhere

I cannot view how many points I need until I get to the next level anymore. How many points does each level take? How can I view how many points I have left until the next level? If Duolingo removed this for some unknown reason is there a way to manually calculate it from the total points?

January 13, 2015



Thanks, but in order to use that I would need to know how many points I have earned for a particular language. Is there a way to do that?


If I go on my rofile on the mobile app, it shows how many xp I got in each language.


Thanks! Very Simple Now (smirking)!

XP to Next Level (from wikia) - [ Current Language Points (from app) - XP from current level (from wikia) ] = Points To Reach Next Level (when practicing on computer)

DL please add this feature back! Levels are what motivate people, not requirements per day!

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