"What is your profession?"

Translation:Vad är ditt yrke?

January 13, 2015

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I've just started taking Swedish lessons in Malmö, and today we learnt "Vad har du för yrke?", which seems to be exactly the same thing.

Is there any real difference between them? Or is the way I learnt it just using more words than needed?

EDIT: Or would what I learnt be more "What do you have as a profession?"


Yeah, both work, they’re just different ways of phrasing it.


Awesome, good to know!




Why ditt and not din?


yrke is an ett word


Ert? ❤❤❤? I know ditt, din, etc. but ERT...I thought that was Norwegian?


Ert is the plural 'your', used when talking to a group of people.


We use ern/ert depending on the gender, right?


er (en) ert (ett) era (plural)


Jag är bibliotekarie.

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    How does one pronouse 'yrke'?


    Yes confused about it only three answer there but no one correct. What should i do?


    If there's more than one correct answer, you have to choose both of them! It can be both ditt and ert here.


    Why doesn't 'Vad ar din karriar' work (with appropriate accents of course)?


    karriär is 'career'. I found this page about the difference between the two: http://pediaa.com/difference-between-career-and-profession/


    Thanks for the link! By the definitions and examples given, I don't see any real concrete difference. The link also says that that they are often used interchangeably. As a native speaker I can think of a couple of stock phrases where I would use one and not the other, but mostly I would use them interchangeably. I guess I just have to memorize the Swedish phrase a specific way. Thanks again!


    Why do you use Vad and not Vart in this case? Yrke is an ett work.


    Vad is a question word (meaning what) and it is the same for both en and ett words. Vart is a question word as well, but with a different meaning - where, as in "Vart går du?" (="Where are you going?").

    A very funny fun fact: the question word var also means where, but in the sense of location (i.e. where someone or something is), while vart means where in the sense of direction (i.e. where someone, or possibly something, is headed to) :)


    Ops i meant ett "word"


    What's wrong with 'Vilket är ditt yrke'?


    That would mean "Which is your profession?" or, more in the spirit of the English language, "Which profession is yours?", as opposed to "What is your profession?" (which is what Duo is asking us to translate in this task).

    One might say that English speakers are rather sloppy in usage of which and what in questions. You can often hear people asking, for example, "What bike is yours?" while pointing at a row of bikes parked on the street, when in such cases "Which bike is yours?" would have been more suitable. Asking "which bike" implies that the querier is looking at a series of bikes and wants to know which one of them is yours. Asking "what bike" has a more general meaning, i.e. it doesn't limit the one who's answering to a certain group of bikes.

    Finally, all my explanatory efforts notwithstanding, a confirmation or a correction by a native or just a very fluent speaker (of which I am neither) is always welcome!


    What is the difference between profession, job, work. They are all synonyms.


    There are subtle differences between the three. For example, accounting is a profession. It can take years to become an accountant. Also, after you are an accountant you have to continually work at staying up-to-date with changes in the field.

    A job, on the other hand, doesn't require years of training or staying up-to-date with changes in the field. A store clerk would be an example of a job.

    Work is more of what you do at your place of employment.


    It would be REALLY awesome if Duo would put a little (pl) after you/r since in English there's literally no way to know from just reading the sentence how many 'you's' there are. In this case, singular & plural are both acceptable to Duo, but it seems like there have been several occasions when it was one or the other, but there was no way to know which one until the answer was marked wrong.


    Det är helt OK att säga: "Vilket är ditt yrke?" på svenska. Så det så!!!


    For whatever it's worth, it does pass the Google Translate Test ;).


    vilket ä ditt yrke? Why is this a wrong answer?

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