"De gjorde mål"

Translation:They scored a goal

January 13, 2015

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Why is "ett" missing in this sentence?


Göra mål is sort of a fixed expression for ’score a goal’. You don’t need the article.


Will just "They scored" be accepted?


Yes, both are accepted.


What if I want to stress that they only scored one goal in the entire game? Could I then use ett ?


”De gjorde bara ett mål” or ”de gjorde ett enda mål” would work for stressing that only one goal was scored.


They made a goal should be accepted.


I have never heard that phrase used in English. Scoring a goal is a fixed expression. If you told me that they made a goal I would understand them to have built the goalposts etc.


Could this mean "They achieved a goal", like a goal in life?


No, we use verbs like uppnå ("reach") for that.


It can't be plural as well?


Yes, it is "ett mål - flera mål", but if you meant several goals I think you would specify that. What about "they scored goals", doesn't that sound strange?


As a native English speaker, "they scored goals" does sound a touch strange to me. While it is grammatically correct, the amount of goals scored would almost always be specified.
E.g. "they scored X goals." or perhaps "they scored a lot of goals."


I'd say it's common to say something like, "How many goals did he score?", especially if one is speaking to a grandparent who is describing their grandchild's contribution to the team win.


"They scored goals" sounds fine to me, another native English speaker. "Although the team was made up of a lot of amateurs, they scored goals, which explains their success".


Er, I know it's a big ask, but could some long-suffering moderator (or commenter) explain how "göra mål" relates to other sports besides soccer? For instance, no American basketball announcer would ever say "he scored a goal", although one does occasionally hear "he hit a field goal (2 or possibly 3 pts) or a free throw (1 pt)"; in American football, it's likely to be "he scored a touchdown (6 pts) / kicked a field goal (3 pts) / converted an extra point (1 pt)" ; in baseball, "he crosses home plate or "hits a home run/homer"; in tennis, "he hits a winner/ace" or something on that order. Etc. I realize these sports aren't as popular in Sweden as they are in the U.S. (although who could ever forget Björn Borg?) but surely they must be practiced by some (and being an American won't even venture into rugby, cricket, etc.). What's the vocab for all that? (And of course, I could be using the feminine for all these situations but haven't for the sake of brevity.) Can anyone bring me up to date on the lingo used in these various sports? Or is "göra mål" good for all sports in all situations?


I'd almost say that "they scored" should be the default translation here, because "göra mål" really doesn't specify number in and of itself, whereas "they scored a goal" is unambiguously one.

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