"Ett sjukhus är ett hus för sjuka människor."

Translation:A hospital is a building for sick people.

January 14, 2015

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Shouldn't place be accepted for hus? Not that it is the first meaning, but would place work here as a translation for hus?


No, then it would’ve said plats or ställe. The sentence explains that sjukhus literally means ’sick-house’ so you want to keep the ’house’ in there to allude to the original meaning.


You can't refer to a hospital as a "house" in English, even if you can in Swedish (and German and Dutch). You really would have to translate "hus" as "place" or "building" here. In English the basic meaning of "a house" is a building that a family (or similar group) lives in. In Swedish you can say "hur månge lägenheter finns det i huset" (here's an example), but in English you would say "how many houses/flats/apartments are there in the block/building"


Yeah, I think that’s true. I remember being very corrected in English class growing up when I referred to a building as a house. In Swedish they’re both often just hus.


Ok. Just noticing, this is VERY hard to pronounce.


Have you seen the swedish tongue twister- "Sjuttiosju sköna sjuksköterskor skötte sju sjösjuka sjömän på skeppet i Shanghai"? My tongue committed seppuku the first time I tried it.


I tried it very slowly. It's kinda awesome haha


The happiest sailors in the world, by the way, hahaha


Both the sj-sound and the u-vowels are hard for learners to pronounce, but you’ll get there with practice. Here’s a Forvo link in the meantime.


It's really the long Us that are killing me - even the sj-sound isn't as troublesome.


Darn I can get the Finnish MUCH closer than the Swedish! Maybe I'll just try everything with a Finnish accent from now on, ha! My dad said when he learned french (many years ago, he actually moved there in high school and hitch-hitched around Europe. Yeah, different times). Most people thought he was from Belgium with his accent, not the US. Thanks for the link.


It can't be any harder than the th sounds in English are for others learning English.


That's not important right now.

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"...but that's not important right now!" :-)


When are byggnad and hus interchangeable?


A hospital is a building for the sick? Or does that not work?


Byggnad could also be used?


It can, though in this particular sentence they use "hus" to point out the words that make up the Swedish word "sjukhus".

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