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Duolingo going deaf?

Duolingo frequently has trouble understanding what I say into the microphone. You'd think it would get at least a couple of the words. Nope - it will rapidly display a few words such as "married a man", "Www.Youtube.com", "at the museum", or "z***" and then it will triumphantly display a blank slate and tell me it couldn't hear me at all. It's really annoying. As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with my computer or browser.

Anybody else having the same issue?

January 14, 2015



I found those exercises frustrating as well, so I turned them off long ago. Now I just practice by saying each sentence aloud as I do my lessons. :)


I am, and I disabled the microphone because of this issue, because it would just slow me down


i have the same problem. I disabled the mic but i still wish i could use it


same problem with my laptop, it seems the speakers are part of the microphone and nothing i did could make any sense to duolingo, so i just shut it off.


i have the problem tooo it is so crazy


I think it has something to do with useing a laptop because the mic works fine on the app on my phone.


Have you tried using a headset? That might work.

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