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When will Turkish be available?

November 11, 2012



I have the same Question !

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Since I have not heard anything about Turkish from Duolingo, I have asked your question again; still interested; support me on https://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/73729


Turkish for English speakers would be great!


Can't wait for Turkish to come out!


And still waiting . it seems like the percentage has not improved in the last 3 months? The date for completion is being pushed back? Do you need more volunteers? Can we expect it anytime soon? I was hoping to avoid classes, as I do not learn well in a class environment. Thank you for the other great courses.


Just posting to say that I also would love Turkish for English-speakers to be added!


Turkish is one of the languages I learned just a little bit of while on a game called Travians, which has a population of Turkish speakers (or at least did back when I was a frequent player). I'm finding Duolingo so useful for Italian that I'd love to see it branch out in Turkish, as well as Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian or Malay, and Swedish.

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